Regional Doctoral Program in Theoretical and Experimental Particle Physics

Participation in the program

The participation in the program brings certain financial benefits:

  1. A monthly stipend for the PhD students, depending on the academic performance and the fulfillment of the defense plan.
  2. Tina Asatiani stipend for outstanding female students.
  3. Research internships in partner Universities, which are also members of the collaboration
  4. Travel grants, participation in various seasonal schools, workshops, conferences

Only students that are regularly enrolled in relevant PhD programs, may apply for the stipends, travel grants and research internships. These are awarded by the decision of the Common Program Committee of the collaboration.

Although the program is intended primarily for the graduate students working on their PhD degree, as an exception, students with distinguished academic standing and working on their master degree can apply.

The students, which are willing to take part in the program, or wish to get additional information, should register by contacting the coordinator of the Georgian or Armenian node:

Mirian Tabidze (Georgian node)

Armen Nersessian (Armenian Node)

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