Regional Training Network in Theoretical Physics

Enrollment, PhD courses, PhD defense

Only students that are regularly enrolled in relevant PhD programs in their respective Universities, may apply for participation in the program. This applies to UB, USi, TSU and YSU, as well as other Universities or research centers. In the latter case, the inclusion of a student is possible with an explicit written agreement of the respective University or research center.

Although the program is intended primarily for the graduate students working on their PhD degree, as an exception, students with distinguished academic standing and working on their master degree can be enrolled and enjoy all advantages of a program participant

All enrolled PhD students can be assigned to more than one node (UB, USi, TSU or YSU) - one primary (home) node and one host node, where the applicant conducts the research/education process as a visitor. Each assigned node should designate at least one faculty member as a co-supervisor. Under certain conditions, the students, enrolled in the common PhD program of the Center, may choose the University where they want to defend their PhD theses.

A student, involved in the program and getting his/her PhD degree at one of the Universities or the research centers, gets in addition the certificate of the Regional Training Center, confirming the participation in the program.

Last change: 04.08.2016 by Mirian Tabidze