Regional Training Network in Theoretical Physics


The Regional Training Network in Theoretical Physics is an international collaboration, co-founded by scientists from the Universities of Bonn (UB), Siegen (USi), Tbilisi (TSU) and Yerevan (YSU). The mission of the Network is to conduct an advanced education, training and supervision of PhD theses from UB, USi, TSU and YSU within a common PhD program.

The Network activities shall include all activities related to PhD level education: Delivering a comprehensive curriculum, conducting supervised scientific research, supporting student/faculty mobility and sharing/presenting research results, preparing and defending a thesis. A detailed description of the structure and activities of the Network is given by the bylaws.

The Network shall organize scientific workshops in Georgia and Armenia, combined with schools for young academics.

The Network shall engage Georgian and Armenian scientists, which are currently employed in leading Universities worldwide into its activities, as invited members. These activities include: delivering lecture courses and seminars, participation in the schools/workshops, co-supervision of the PhD students, etc.

The Network shall rely on modern video-communication means in its work. In particular, the video transmission of the lecture courses and seminars will be a common practice for cost reduction purposes.

The activities of the Network represent the continuation and the extension of the work of the Georgian Virtual Institute for Physics, which is functioning since 2010.

Last change: 23.01.2017 by Mirian Tabidze